Make A Move Easier for Kids

MoversMy sister’s children aren’t exactly thrilled about moving this summer. My sister found a brand new place that is perfect for her family and a lot closer to us. She is planning to move this summer because the children will be out of school. This won’t disrupt their education, but that hasn’t made the children any less grumpy, especially my nephew. He has openly expressed his displeasure about having to leave his school and friends. However, sometimes in life things have to be done for the greater good even if we aren’t entirely happy with it. My sister found a larger home and called the local movers at Southwest Movers to help her transport all of her things.

Still my sister is nervous about the moving experience and how it will affect her kids and plus loves her children very much. We discussed a lot of ways to help make the move an easier adjustment for the family.  After some research, I found some ways to contribute to making the move a little easier on my niece and nephew. We keep them informed. Children don’t want to feel in the dark. They want to feel involved and feel safe that things won’t be worst because they moved. So my sister and I told the children all we knew about the place. Told them about school, the parks and how close we would be to the beach. We also told them about why this place is a better place than their old home and how much life will become easier moving into a bigger place in the city.

ChildrenWe did not surprise the children. As soon as my sister knew that she would have to move, and she purchased her home, she told the children. It wouldn’t be a good idea to let them go on without knowing only to pluck them in a brand new city and home. During a long weekend, we took the children to see the new home and check out the new neighborhood. My nephew held onto his grouchiness, but he began to relent when he saw the neighborhood kids and started playing with them.

We are also planning a small going away party for the children so they can get together with their friends and celebrate with each other one last time. They can take pictures, laugh and make plans to keep in touch. After the move, we are planning for the kids to decorate their own room, so it feels like their own place.

We know how important it is for children to express themselves, so we let my nephew express his feelings and let him cry. The move is stressful even for adults; I can’t imagine what it is like for children having to handle all of those feelings.

After the move, my sister thought it was a good idea to have them involved in the community, putting them in summer programs and encourage the kids to play with the children in their neighborhood. I think all of this thoughtfulness worked out for the best because my nephew eventually came to accept his new home and is beginning to love his new home. As long as my sister promised she wouldn’t be moving anymore.

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Finding the Right Hospital

It’s never a good thing when someone close to you is in the hospital. I don’t know about you, but when someone close to me is in the hospital, I want to be sure they are getting the best treatment available. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure that the doctors are always doing everything that is possible to make your sick loved one better is to be there around the clock with the person. For me that was not a possibility, I had to go to work and leave the health of my very close friend in the hands of the doctors at The Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville. I didn’t feel good about leaving my friend there alone, but I had no other choice at the time if I wanted to keep my job. The doctors at The Baptist Medical Center assured me that they would do everything they could to help my friend feel better, but I just felt like he was telling me this because that was his job. I spent as much time in the hospital as I could with Cathrine, I spent most of the nights that I wasn’t working at her bedside.

One morning after leaving her bedside at the hospital, I went to University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute to pick up a customer. When I arrived It was 7:00 am and the customer looked like he already had a long day at work. I asked her what she did for a living, and she replied saying that she was a sale rep for a company called MDM Commercial Enterprises. MDM Commercial Enterprises is a company that sells medical supplies to hospitals and doctor’s offices. She told me they were one the leaders in their industry; MDM Commercial Enterprises has been equipping lodging and healthcare facilities since 1990. They were veterans in their industry.

As we drove to her destination, I started to tell her about my friend that was in the hospital. I was telling her about the concerns that I had with the health care that my friend in the hospital was receiving. That’s when she started to inform me about the medical supplies industry; I found out that not every hospital is equipped with the latest medical supplies. There are different companies like MDM Commercial Enterprises that sell patient education medical supplies to hospitals and doctor’s offices. Since there is more than one company that provides this service, it’s only natural to assume that some hospitals and doctors offices will have better, newer, and more advanced supplies depending on who their supplier was.

She started telling about the different hospitals that her company supplies since they were so experienced in the medical supplies industry most the hospitals they supplied were at the top of the list for the best hospitals in the country. She assured me that The University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute was the place that would take the best care of my sick friend. The Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville are one of the hospitals the buys supplies from them, but they have a lower budget than The University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute. Therefore, The University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute is more prepared, and they have the most advanced supplies because

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My job can be hectic at times, Okay most of the times. I do a lot of early mornings and late nights, almost 4 times a week. I find myself awake unusually early even when I do not intend to clock in early. After late nights, I literally crawl in through my front door and into my bed then snore a few hours away.

It is due to this reason that I highly invest in comfort around my house. I have a very comfortable mattress that I spent most of my first few months salary on and equally comfortable bedding. The house is well aerated with large windows and when the weather is acting up, I have a good AC system that came with the house. A combination of these features of comfort facilitates the smooth running of the job.

Sometimes I do late nights at the risk of fatiguing myself. On this particular week, I had done four consecutive late nights and I was beginning to feeling its effects on the fifth day. By midday, I could barely keep my eyes open and I knew right away that I had to head home and get the much-needed rest. In my line of business, working when fatigued or sleepy not only puts your life in danger but other people’s as well.

Walking through the front door was like walking through heaven’s gates. I could almost hear my bed calling out to me. I’d already switched off my phone in preparation for the long awaited rest. Little did I know that this was the day I’d get acquainted with HVAC Jacksonville.

The large windows and AC sees to fresh air being circulated throughout the house and especially my bedroom. It wasn’t the case that day as my bedroom was really stuffy, almost musty. Right away, I knew that the AC was faulty. I’ve experienced instances whereby the compressor and fan controls switch on and off occasionally, but I really didn’t pay much attention to it. When I came home to a stuffy house, I knew right away that my AC had finally given in. Due to its history, I reckoned that the system was oversized which probably led to the electric control failure. I’m conversant with AC systems, but I’m no repair guy so I knew that I needed help sooner rather than later.

My neighbors are estranged to me thanks to the nature of my job; leaving the house early and returning late. So asking for referrals to a reputable AC guy from them wasn’t an option. My only hope was the internet so I got down to business. My search led me to Waychoff’s Air Conditioning Service. This company covers my residential area so I called and booked an appointment immediately.

I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open. Unfortunately, my off hours were up and I had to get back to work. I had not had a wink of sleep the entire time thanks to the stuffy and very uncomfortable house. I asked the repair guys to come by the next day early in the morning and they confirmed the appointment.

An hour into work I still was struggling to keep my eyes open and was cranky towards people as a result so I

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Vac Truck

I had no idea how fast technology was advancing, did you know they even have a truck that is also a vacuum? Mind blowing, I understand how you feel. So the day I found out about what a vac truck was just an ordinary day at work. I was just coming off my lunch break; the day had been going slow for me, so I was just taking advantage of all the free time. I was driving down Roosevelt Boulevard when I heard a loud noise that sounded like a huge machine. The sound was coming from a colossal red truck that was parked at the corner of the BB’s Restaurant and Bar. The truck had a very weird tube looking thing that was coming from it and going into the ground. I thought they were the plumber, so I ignored it and kept going about my business.

While driving down Roosevelt Boulevard, I saw someone standing on the side of the street opposite to where the big red truck was parked. The person started waving at me, realizing the man was waiting for a taxi I did a U-turn and went back to pick him up. I pulled up to the curb, and the man got into the taxi and I looked back and said, “where to sir?”  He replied back and said “Otis Road,” so we took off and headed towards Otis Road. During the cab ride, the man in the backseat said to me that was pretty cool right? He was talking about the big red truck, the one I thought was the plumber. I replied back saying, “Yeah, it’s cool how advanced the plumber companies is now.” He chuckled a little then out of nowhere he let out a real loud laugh. Not realizing he was laughing at me, I asked him what was so funny. He told me that the big red truck we saw earlier was not the plumber company. In fact, the big red truck was actually a giant vacuum.

All I could think about was, why the heck would someone make a vacuum this big? I couldn’t think of any house that was big enough for this big red truck to drive in and vacuum. There was also no way that this huge red truck would be able to vacuum a house without going inside. That was when the man in the back seat whose name was Marcus told me, They were used to clean out and vacuum sewers. That made a lot more sense to me, compared to the idea of using that thing to vacuum a house.

The vac truck is such a unique and genius tool. When I asked Marcus how he knew so much about the big red truck, he told me it was because he works for the company. It’s a company called Vac-Con, they are actually located right here in Jacksonville, so if you ever come here be sure to check them out they are quite the sight. He started telling more about the trucks; he could tell I was interested in hearing more about the trucks. It turns out the trucks are so cool that one simple control operates all of the vacuum systems, water system, and other functions. That big red truck 

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Safety First

Safety should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. When it comes to keeping your family safe, there should be no limit to how much you would spend on a security system. Having a reliable security system made a huge difference for my neighbors last year when their house was broken into. There’s never a good time for someone’s home to be broken into, but three days before Christmas has to qualify as one of the worse times. The night that my neighbor’s house was broken into was a wake-up call for the rest of the neighborhood. Lucky for them no one was home at the time of the break-in.

It was late at night, it was about 10:30 and the street lights and the Christmas lights were on. The fact that all of these light were on didn’t make the intruder think twice about breaking in. The intruder found a small window the was about five feet wide and five feet tall on a side of the house where the light was shining the least. The intruder was no a beginner; he was experienced enough to know which side of the house to target. The intruder even brought professional tools with him that he used to cut out the perfect circle out of the window, which he used to crawl into the house.

When the intruder broke into the Johnsons house, he had no idea that the Johnson’s had just gotten a new security system installed a few weeks ago. I remembered this because I remember seeing the Safe Inc Van parked in their driveway one morning when I was coming back from one of my morning jogs. I asked Thomas about it the next day and he told me about a great deal they had over at Safe Inc, so he decided to upgrade his security system. He even tried to convince me to get on board with it, but I didn’t think I needed a security system at the time so I told no I’m alright. Little did I know, my neighbors house was broken 2 weeks later.

When the Johnson’s got their security system installed from Safe Inc, it came with features that provided security for almost any situation. It was a security system that would alert the authorities if there was a fire or a break in. The system came with a silent alarm the would go off in the wake of any break in. It also featured a noisy alarm that would go off during any fire to alert the family and the authorities. So when the intruder broke into the Johnson’s home he thought the hardest part of his mission was over. Little did he know he had already tripped the silent alarm and the authorities were already on the way. The intruder had a big backpack with him that he was going to use to get away with the goods that he was planning to steal. A few minutes into the mission, the intruder was interrupted by the sounds of the police sirens and the red and blue lights that surrounded the house. The police came and they arrested the intruder and took him away.

By the time the situation was coming to an end, the Johnson’s were home

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AC Repair in Jacksonville

People assume that a taxi driver’s job is to simply drive people from one place to another. This is far from the truth. Being a taxi driver involves much more. Through experience, we are able read the facial and bodily expressions of our customers. It kind of gives us direction on what to do and what not to do besides driving them around. People go through a lot in their day-to-day lives and sometimes a kind word from us is all they’re going to get all day. Some are running away from stress and havoc so peace and silence in the cab is heaven for them.

I have the option of not going to work on public holidays but then again end up getting really bored at home. That’s when I realize that my job is more interesting than I think. I woke up early, got ready and headed out to work. With 5 minutes drive from my house, someone waved me down for a ride. I let them in and judging from his facial expression, he was in a foul mood.

The fact that he was my neighbor motivated me to strike a conversation. I kept looking up at him through the rearview mirror, but his face was glued to the outside with a blank look on it. The more the deafening silence went on, the more the need to probe grew in me. “Sir? What do you do for a living?” I got a ‘look’ before blurting ” Ac repair in Jacksonville.” Clearly, my customer wasn’t in the mood for chit chat.

“It seems like we’re neighbors. I live five houses down from where I picked you up.” Finally, I saw his face brighten up. “Really? I’ve never seen you before.” I explained to him that I was new to the neighborhood. By now, his moods were better and he kept the conversation going. He opened up and told me that he’d just found out that one of his loyal customers had passed away. He had no problem going into detail and that really brought him out of his shell.

This quickly spiralled down to a conversation about his job. It was not until then when I remembered that I was having major issues with my air conditioner back at home. “Would you mind dropping by tomorrow to have a look at it?” He quickly confirmed in the affirmative and it was marked down as an appointment in a little notebook that he pulled out of his shirt pocket.

He seemed dedicated to his job so I decided to ask him more about it. His face brightened up even more and he even sat up before pouring his heart about it. Truth be told, I’ve never seen anyone more passionate about their job like Ken is. It is through him that I first came to learn about Air Source America, one the best air conditioning companies in Florida. It offers maintenance, repair and installation of commercial and residential air conditioning and heating systems regardless of the make and model.

Though obvious about his stand on his job, I asked him whether he enjoyed it. “Of course,” He answered so fast that it put my doubts to bed. “I mean, we serve our clients around the clock

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Meeting Mike Daigle

It was 6 am on a Monday morning, I was laying in bed having the best dream ever, I had just won the lottery. When all of a sudden there was a loud ring, the ring was so loud I could remember myself wondering what the heck was going on in dreamland. I continued counting my winnings from the lottery in the dream I was as happy as I ever been. Then all of a sudden there was the loud ring again, this time it was even louder, and it scared me right out of my sleep. I woke up angry because it was all just a dream, but it seemed so real at the time. I rolled over in the bed trying to check the time to see if I had time to go back to sleep before I had to wake up. Then all of a sudden I thought I heard the ringing from my dream again but this time not as loud. I tried to ignore it by telling myself it was all in my head, but it was too real to ignore. So I sat up slowly and a little bit scared, only to realize that it was my phone ringing the entire time.

When I answered the phone it a call from my employer, there was a customer that needed a cab just a few blocks away from me. I don’t usually start working this early, but I am on the schedule to start at 6 am whenever they need me. I’m glad they don’t always call me to start this early, but I don’t mind it. So I get out of my bed and get ready for work. After getting dressed, I went to pick up the customer. I’m not much of a morning person, so morning rides with me are usually pretty quiet, and conversations are kept short.

When I arrived, the customer was already standing outside in front of his front door waiting for me. I pulled up to the curb right next to his driveway, and I exited the cab to help the customer with the bags. I said “good morning sir, where to this morning?” He replied, “downtown I usually drive, but my car wouldn’t start this morning man. My day is starting off pretty bad already.” I replied back and said, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Knowing I didn’t want to start a serious conversation I kept my answer vague to discourage him from going on. After about 10 seconds of silence I thought I had avoided conversing with this man. Then all out of nowhere he says “I’m Mike, by the way, Mike Daigle” All I remember thinking was no not right now, but I can’t be rude, so I replied and nice to meet you Mike. Then he just started talking as if me saying nice to meet you was all the invite he needed to start a full blown conversation.

The guy was like a talking machine; I couldn’t get him stop talking even if I wanted to. He started rambling on about his construction company M. Daigle & Sons Construction, Inc. He started getting into the reason behind why he started the company. He was offering me all types of deals on remodeling my

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I Should Have Gone Into Flooring

I remember when I first moved to Florida from Greece. The culture shock was real, but it was the house hunting that made me almost lose it. Thankfully, my realtor was very patient and dedicated in finding me a home. I sensed he felt sorry for me with my deep greek accent and the obvious confusion.

There were different challenges with every house that I viewed. One day, I’d find one that was spacious but without a closet in the bedroom and the next day I’d find another with a closet had the tiniest living room. However, I knew my search had come to an end when I found a house with the most glorious floors I’d ever seen, Hardwood floors. These are not common in Greece so it was a no-brainer that I was amazed. I quickly put an offer on that house, paid and moved in. I later came to discover that the floors were done by a company called About Floors n More. This is a store that has been in business for 15 years and is widely trusted to supply and install flooring material in Florida and beyond.

On normal days, my customers simply want to be driven to work or meetings and are mostly quiet staring out the window, on their phones or laptop screens. But there are special days when I get chatterboxes who surprisingly brighten up my mornings. On this particular Wednesday morning, Renee was my first client. She had a job interview with one of the biggest interior design company in Jacksonville. She told me that she couldn’t contain her excitement over it hence was over an hour early for the interview. Being associated with About Floors n More or even being considered for a position with them is life changing.

I didn’t pay much attention to all that she was saying after she mentioned that she was vying for the expert on flooring installation position with About Floors n More. She was equally amazed when I disclosed all I knew about this reputable store and how they only hand picked the best to join their team. I had tons of questions for her but being a talkative person herself, I had to interrupt her every now and then to get my questions through.

We got to her destination but thankfully, she was still early for the interview, I humbly asked her if we could talk a little bit more about hardwood floor installation and this amazing company. She gladly accepted and that is when I opened up about having a deep interest in floors and hardwood floors in particular. I turned into a chatterbox myself which has never happened.

She had a portfolio with her full of over the top work that she’d done for her clients. To say I was in awe would be an understatement. I needed every piece of juicy detail about how they go about it. How they take ordinary floors and transform them into a paradise. Feeding me with the information was just as nourishing as a mothers’ milk is to her infant. I wanted more and more. Before we knew it, her time was up and she actually had to leave for the interview.

I’ve never felt so sad to any of my customers

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One of the most attractive customers I ever had the pleasure of driving was Nancy Bates. She was also the most beautiful woman ever to ride in my cab. It was on a Wednesday afternoon, The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky that day. I was just leaving a meeting with Advanced Disposal. They were the company that rented me a dumpster when I was building my man cave. As I left the meeting, I noticed this beautiful woman standing on the corner of Western Boulevard and Country Club Road near the Legends Jacksonville Mall. I knew right away that she had to be standing there waiting for a taxi to ride by. My cab was only parked a few minutes away, so I ran as fast as I could, and when I reached my cab I jumped into it. It was like a scene out of an action movie. Forgetting that I was in a minivan, I whipped the minivan cab out of the parking spot. I quickly calmed myself down and reminded myself that I wasn’t driving a Porsche.

So I drove around the corner heading towards Western Boulevard and Country Club Road. When I got to the corner of the two streets, there she was just standing there waiting. So I pulled up real slow, and a little bit nervous because she was so beautiful. I went to put down the passenger side window to ask if she was waiting for a taxi, but like an idiot I put down the wrong window. The back passenger window went down instead; I was a little bit embraced, but I wasn’t going to let something like that stop me. I finally put down the passenger side window, and I asked in my coolest voice, Are you waiting for a taxi? She replied “yes.” I quickly put the cab and parked, I opened the driver and stepped out trying as hard as I could not show how excited I was. I walked over to the other side of the cab, and I opened the door for her. She got in the backseat, and I closed the door, and I did my best impression of a cool walk back to the driver seat.

We started driving; she was headed to the Museum of Science and History where she worked. We were having the best conversation that had ever taken place in the minivan cab. After talking to her for about 20 minutes, we were almost at the Museum of Science and History. All I could think about was how can I run into this girl again. So I began to brainstorm for ideas that would not make it seem like I was coming on too strong because you have to respect the customers.

I had finally come up with an idea as we were pulling up to the Museum of Science and History. As I pulled up and parked the cab I asked her if she needed me to come back and get her later when she gets off. She looked at me with a confused face cause she could just call another cab and I might be busy when she gets off. So I smiled back at her confused

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Hey, I’m Leandros Milanos and welcome to my website Greece Minivan Cab! This is my blog about all of the crazy things I encounter in my minivan cab. I am a 29-year-old originally from Greece, I don’t always drive a mini van but I love their spacious interior. I started out in New York, but the cold weather was hard to deal with for me so I moved to Jacksonville, Florida. I love it here in Jacksonville, the people are great, the weather is even better and the kind of crazy things I see while driving my cab are priceless. Jacksonville has one of the best nightlife scenes in the country, the perfect place for a single 29-year-old guy.

Driving a minivan cab in Jacksonville, Florida can be quite exciting. The people of Jacksonville are full of surprises, they are some of the coolest people in the world. Everyone in Jacksonville is unique in their own ways. The different types of people I meet every day is the most exciting part of my job. In fact, That the main reason it doesn’t feel like a job to me. Driving the minivan cab to me is like I’m getting paid to meet some of the coolest people every day. When I was growing up my family was not fortunate enough to have a family car. Which is why I enjoy giving people rides in my minivan cab. Follow my blog and hear about my crazy adventures from the minivan cab. Stories that will make you laugh till you can’t laugh anymore, stories that are so wild and crazy that they would be impossible to make up. When you are having a bad day visit the site, the Laughter never ends when you are riding with me.

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