Hey, I’m Leandros Milanos and welcome to my website Greece Minivan Cab! This is my blog about all of the crazy things I encounter in my minivan cab. I am a 29-year-old originally from Greece, I don’t always drive a mini van but I love their spacious interior. I started out in New York, but the cold weather was hard to deal with for me so I moved to Jacksonville, Florida. I love it here in Jacksonville, the people are great, the weather is even better and the kind of crazy things I see while driving my cab are priceless. Jacksonville has one of the best nightlife scenes in the country, the perfect place for a single 29-year-old guy.

Driving a minivan cab in Jacksonville, Florida can be quite exciting. The people of Jacksonville are full of surprises, they are some of the coolest people in the world. Everyone in Jacksonville is unique in their own ways. The different types of people I meet every day is the most exciting part of my job. In fact, That the main reason it doesn’t feel like a job to me. Driving the minivan cab to me is like I’m getting paid to meet some of the coolest people every day. When I was growing up my family was not fortunate enough to have a family car. Which is why I enjoy giving people rides in my minivan cab. Follow my blog and hear about my crazy adventures from the minivan cab. Stories that will make you laugh till you can’t laugh anymore, stories that are so wild and crazy that they would be impossible to make up. When you are having a bad day visit the site, the Laughter never ends when you are riding with me.

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