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Finding The Right Hospital

Finding the Right Hospital

It’s never a good thing when someone close to you is in the hospital. I don’t know about you, but when someone close to me is in the hospital, I want to be sure they are getting the best treatment available. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure that the doctors are always doing everything that is possible to make your sick loved one better is to be there around the clock with the person. For me that was not a possibility, I had to go to work and leave the health of my very close friend in the hands of the doctors at The Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville. I didn’t feel good about leaving my friend there alone, but I had no other choice at the time if I wanted to keep my job. The doctors at The Baptist Medical Center assured me that they would do everything they could to help my friend feel better, but I just felt like he was telling me this because that was his job. I spent as much time in the hospital as I could with Cathrine, I spent most of the nights that I wasn’t working at her bedside.

One morning after leaving her bedside at the hospital, I went to University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute to pick up a customer. When I arrived It was 7:00 am and the customer looked like he already had a long day at work. I asked her what she did for a living, and she replied saying that she was a sale rep for a company called MDM Commercial Enterprises. MDM Commercial Enterprises is a company that sells medical supplies to hospitals and doctor’s offices. She told me they were one the leaders in their industry; MDM Commercial Enterprises has been equipping lodging and healthcare facilities since 1990. They were veterans in their industry.

As we drove to her destination, I started to tell her about my friend that was in the hospital. I was telling her about the concerns that I had with the health care that my friend in the hospital was receiving. That’s when she started to inform me about the medical supplies industry; I found out that not every hospital is equipped with the latest medical supplies. There are different companies like MDM Commercial Enterprises that sell patient education medical supplies to hospitals and doctor’s offices. Since there is more than one company that provides this service, it’s only natural to assume that some hospitals and doctors offices will have better, newer, and more advanced supplies depending on who their supplier was.

She started telling about the different hospitals that her company supplies since they were so experienced in the medical supplies industry most the hospitals they supplied were at the top of the list for the best hospitals in the country. She assured me that The University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute was the place that would take the best care of my sick friend. The Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville are one of the hospitals the buys supplies from them, but they have a lower budget than The University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute. Therefore, The University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute is more prepared, and they have the most advanced supplies because they are willing to spend more money on supplies to assure the best treatments for their patients. So I took her advice and moved my friend to The University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute, After the first night at The University Of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute my friend told me she had noticed a big difference in the care she was receiving. One week later she was good and back at home like nothing was ever wrong.

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