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How the AC in my Home Affects My Job

My job can be hectic at times, Okay most of the times. I do a lot of early mornings and late nights, almost 4 times a week. I find myself awake unusually early even when I do not intend to clock in early. After late nights, I literally crawl in through my front door and into my bed then snore a few hours away.

It is due to this reason that I highly invest in comfort around my house. I have a very comfortable mattress that I spent most of my first few months salary on and equally comfortable bedding. The house is well aerated with large windows and when the weather is acting up, I have a good AC system that came with the house. A combination of these features of comfort facilitates the smooth running of the job.

Sometimes I do late nights at the risk of fatiguing myself. On this particular week, I had done four consecutive late nights and I was beginning to feeling its effects on the fifth day. By midday, I could barely keep my eyes open and I knew right away that I had to head home and get the much-needed rest. In my line of business, working when fatigued or sleepy not only puts your life in danger but other people’s as well.

Walking through the front door was like walking through heaven’s gates. I could almost hear my bed calling out to me. I’d already switched off my phone in preparation for the long awaited rest. Little did I know that this was the day I’d get acquainted with HVAC Jacksonville.

The large windows and AC sees to fresh air being circulated throughout the house and especially my bedroom. It wasn’t the case that day as my bedroom was really stuffy, almost musty. Right away, I knew that the AC was faulty. I’ve experienced instances whereby the compressor and fan controls switch on and off occasionally, but I really didn’t pay much attention to it. When I came home to a stuffy house, I knew right away that my AC had finally given in. Due to its history, I reckoned that the system was oversized which probably led to the electric control failure. I’m conversant with AC systems, but I’m no repair guy so I knew that I needed help sooner rather than later.

My neighbors are estranged to me thanks to the nature of my job; leaving the house early and returning late. So asking for referrals to a reputable AC guy from them wasn’t an option. My only hope was the internet so I got down to business. My search led me to Waychoff’s Air Conditioning Service. This company covers my residential area so I called and booked an appointment immediately.

I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open. Unfortunately, my off hours were up and I had to get back to work. I had not had a wink of sleep the entire time thanks to the stuffy and very uncomfortable house. I asked the repair guys to come by the next day early in the morning and they confirmed the appointment.

An hour into work I still was struggling to keep my eyes open and was cranky towards people as a result so I decided to go back home, Again. Thankfully, Waychoff’s Air Conditioning company was an around the clock kind of company. They were really friendly and professional the first time I called so I didn’t hesitate to call them again. I asked them to come by immediately and they did. They confirmed my worries with the AC and gave me the actual cost of repair before beginning the work. They assured me that they’d not change over time in case the job took longer than expected which was impressive.

The last thing I needed was a bunch of questions and noise throughout the repair process but surprisingly, the technicians were really professional and quiet. They got to work immediately and within a short period of time, they were done. My AC had been restored to its former glory. Well, better than before.

I have to point out that these technicians were not only respectful to me but to my house as well. They all put on in-house shoes that they drew from their bags before getting in. It showed that this was a well organized and highly professional company. I’d recommend them to anyone without a second thought. As soon as they were done, they packed up fast, in an organized way and left. I fell asleep immediately and my life was back to normal.

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