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Let’s Make A Move Easier for Kids

Make A Move Easier for Kids

MoversMy sister’s children aren’t exactly thrilled about moving this summer. My sister found a brand new place that is perfect for her family and a lot closer to us. She is planning to move this summer because the children will be out of school. This won’t disrupt their education, but that hasn’t made the children any less grumpy, especially my nephew. He has openly expressed his displeasure about having to leave his school and friends. However, sometimes in life things have to be done for the greater good even if we aren’t entirely happy with it. My sister found a larger home and called the local movers at Southwest Movers to help her transport all of her things.

Still my sister is nervous about the moving experience and how it will affect her kids and plus loves her children very much. We discussed a lot of ways to help make the move an easier adjustment for the family.  After some research, I found some ways to contribute to making the move a little easier on my niece and nephew. We keep them informed. Children don’t want to feel in the dark. They want to feel involved and feel safe that things won’t be worst because they moved. So my sister and I told the children all we knew about the place. Told them about school, the parks and how close we would be to the beach. We also told them about why this place is a better place than their old home and how much life will become easier moving into a bigger place in the city.

ChildrenWe did not surprise the children. As soon as my sister knew that she would have to move, and she purchased her home, she told the children. It wouldn’t be a good idea to let them go on without knowing only to pluck them in a brand new city and home. During a long weekend, we took the children to see the new home and check out the new neighborhood. My nephew held onto his grouchiness, but he began to relent when he saw the neighborhood kids and started playing with them.

We are also planning a small going away party for the children so they can get together with their friends and celebrate with each other one last time. They can take pictures, laugh and make plans to keep in touch. After the move, we are planning for the kids to decorate their own room, so it feels like their own place.

We know how important it is for children to express themselves, so we let my nephew express his feelings and let him cry. The move is stressful even for adults; I can’t imagine what it is like for children having to handle all of those feelings.

After the move, my sister thought it was a good idea to have them involved in the community, putting them in summer programs and encourage the kids to play with the children in their neighborhood. I think all of this thoughtfulness worked out for the best because my nephew eventually came to accept his new home and is beginning to love his new home. As long as my sister promised she wouldn’t be moving anymore.

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