Life as a Taxi Driver

Life As A Taxi DriverDo you enjoy driving as much as I do? Are you familiar with the city in which you live, where you know every street like the back of your hand? Do you like meeting new people each and every day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then becoming a taxi driver like me, may be in your best interest. You have multiple opportunities in our field. The possibility of driving around town all day and meet some of the most exciting people in the world. Ten years ago, I wasn’t sure of which direction to head with my life. I was lost, and I really didn’t know what would make me happy. Today, I’ve been employed for about 9 years by the same company, and I’ve never looked back.

A typical day on the job for me starts with me heading to the garage to pick up my cab. Now as you can see by my site, I usually prefer the spaciousness of a minivan cab, but I’ll roll around in a Crown Victoria as well. I always check my vehicles, first the lights, then the breaks, and the fuel levels. I begin to map out my areas for the day. I grab a few forms to record my destinations and fares. I prefer working at night, as there is much less traffic during the day. The advantages of being a taxi driver in a city like Jacksonville is that I never have the same repetitive task like most jobs. I get to visit new businesses and meet new people and have worthwhile conversations with the people that aren’t glued to their cell phone. I love the fact that I can be behind the wheel of a car and experience the world instead of sitting in a desk chair, wishing that I could be outside enjoying the feel of the sun on my skin. Another advantage is that as a driver, you can accept tips from customers when they offer them to you. I enjoy the fact that there are still considerate people out there willing to fork over a little more cash for the fact that you got them safely to their destination. In a world that’s falling apart in my opinion, I take solace in the fact that people are still somewhat decent.

Another benefit of being a taxi driver is that you don’t really need a formal education. Honestly, you just need to be able to communicate well with people. And that’s what I’m great at, as my mother used to say, I have the gift of gab. I can talk about anything as you can see from my website. But any which way, it’s definitely one hell of a career. I’m hoping that one day they increase my salary, but as I’ve mentioned before I’ve been with my current company for almost a decade and I receive great benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about following in my footsteps, go ahead and give me a shout.

“Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still.”