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Meeting Mike Daigle

Meeting Mike Daigle

It was 6 am on a Monday morning, I was laying in bed having the best dream ever, I had just won the lottery. When all of a sudden there was a loud ring, the ring was so loud I could remember myself wondering what the heck was going on in dreamland. I continued counting my winnings from the lottery in the dream I was as happy as I ever been. Then all of a sudden there was the loud ring again, this time it was even louder, and it scared me right out of my sleep. I woke up angry because it was all just a dream, but it seemed so real at the time. I rolled over in the bed trying to check the time to see if I had time to go back to sleep before I had to wake up. Then all of a sudden I thought I heard the ringing from my dream again but this time not as loud. I tried to ignore it by telling myself it was all in my head, but it was too real to ignore. So I sat up slowly and a little bit scared, only to realize that it was my phone ringing the entire time.

When I answered the phone it a call from my employer, there was a customer that needed a cab just a few blocks away from me. I don’t usually start working this early, but I am on the schedule to start at 6 am whenever they need me. I’m glad they don’t always call me to start this early, but I don’t mind it. So I get out of my bed and get ready for work. After getting dressed, I went to pick up the customer. I’m not much of a morning person, so morning rides with me are usually pretty quiet, and conversations are kept short.

When I arrived, the customer was already standing outside in front of his front door waiting for me. I pulled up to the curb right next to his driveway, and I exited the cab to help the customer with the bags. I said “good morning sir, where to this morning?” He replied, “downtown I usually drive, but my car wouldn’t start this morning man. My day is starting off pretty bad already.” I replied back and said, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Knowing I didn’t want to start a serious conversation I kept my answer vague to discourage him from going on. After about 10 seconds of silence I thought I had avoided conversing with this man. Then all out of nowhere he says “I’m Mike, by the way, Mike Daigle” All I remember thinking was no not right now, but I can’t be rude, so I replied and nice to meet you Mike. Then he just started talking as if me saying nice to meet you was all the invite he needed to start a full blown conversation.

The guy was like a talking machine; I couldn’t get him stop talking even if I wanted to. He started rambling on about his construction company M. Daigle & Sons Construction, Inc. He started getting into the reason behind why he started the company. He was offering me all types of deals on remodeling my home. I have to admit the deals were pretty good, but I wasn’t in the market for home remodeling. He even showed me pictures of the work they had done. They were a 20 years old company, so there were a lot of pictures. If I learned anything that morning, it was this guy passionate about what he does for a living.

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