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Safety First

Safety First

Safety should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. When it comes to keeping your family safe, there should be no limit to how much you would spend on a security system. Having a reliable security system made a huge difference for my neighbors last year when their house was broken into. There’s never a good time for someone’s home to be broken into, but three days before Christmas has to qualify as one of the worse times. The night that my neighbor’s house was broken into was a wake-up call for the rest of the neighborhood. Lucky for them no one was home at the time of the break-in.

It was late at night, it was about 10:30 and the street lights and the Christmas lights were on. The fact that all of these light were on didn’t make the intruder think twice about breaking in. The intruder found a small window the was about five feet wide and five feet tall on a side of the house where the light was shining the least. The intruder was no a beginner; he was experienced enough to know which side of the house to target. The intruder even brought professional tools with him that he used to cut out the perfect circle out of the window, which he used to crawl into the house.

When the intruder broke into the Johnsons house, he had no idea that the Johnson’s had just gotten a new security system installed a few weeks ago. I remembered this because I remember seeing the Safe Inc Van parked in their driveway one morning when I was coming back from one of my morning jogs. I asked Thomas about it the next day and he told me about a great deal they had over at Safe Inc, so he decided to upgrade his security system. He even tried to convince me to get on board with it, but I didn’t think I needed a security system at the time so I told no I’m alright. Little did I know, my neighbors house was broken 2 weeks later.

When the Johnson’s got their security system installed from Safe Inc, it came with features that provided security for almost any situation. It was a security system that would alert the authorities if there was a fire or a break in. The system came with a silent alarm the would go off in the wake of any break in. It also featured a noisy alarm that would go off during any fire to alert the family and the authorities. So when the intruder broke into the Johnson’s home he thought the hardest part of his mission was over. Little did he know he had already tripped the silent alarm and the authorities were already on the way. The intruder had a big backpack with him that he was going to use to get away with the goods that he was planning to steal. A few minutes into the mission, the intruder was interrupted by the sounds of the police sirens and the red and blue lights that surrounded the house. The police came and they arrested the intruder and took him away.

By the time the situation was coming to an end, the Johnson’s were home and nearly everyone in the neighborhood was outside trying to find out what just went down. I went over to the Johnson’s yard and Thomas and his family were all just standing there in disbelief, but also very grateful that they had got that new security system installed by Safe Inc just a few weeks ago. I went over to ask Thomas if everything was ok and to let him know if they needed anything that my door was always open to him and his family. Thankfully they were all alright, but right before I walked away I thought to myself, I should ask him for the phone number of the Safe Inc security company.

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