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What do you do? AC Repair in Jacksonville

AC Repair in Jacksonville

People assume that a taxi driver’s job is to simply drive people from one place to another. This is far from the truth. Being a taxi driver involves much more. Through experience, we are able read the facial and bodily expressions of our customers. It kind of gives us direction on what to do and what not to do besides driving them around. People go through a lot in their day-to-day lives and sometimes a kind word from us is all they’re going to get all day. Some are running away from stress and havoc so peace and silence in the cab is heaven for them.

I have the option of not going to work on public holidays but then again end up getting really bored at home. That’s when I realize that my job is more interesting than I think. I woke up early, got ready and headed out to work. With 5 minutes drive from my house, someone waved me down for a ride. I let them in and judging from his facial expression, he was in a foul mood.

The fact that he was my neighbor motivated me to strike a conversation. I kept looking up at him through the rearview mirror, but his face was glued to the outside with a blank look on it. The more the deafening silence went on, the more the need to probe grew in me. “Sir? What do you do for a living?” I got a ‘look’ before blurting ” Ac repair in Jacksonville.” Clearly, my customer wasn’t in the mood for chit chat.

“It seems like we’re neighbors. I live five houses down from where I picked you up.” Finally, I saw his face brighten up. “Really? I’ve never seen you before.” I explained to him that I was new to the neighborhood. By now, his moods were better and he kept the conversation going. He opened up and told me that he’d just found out that one of his loyal customers had passed away. He had no problem going into detail and that really brought him out of his shell.

This quickly spiralled down to a conversation about his job. It was not until then when I remembered that I was having major issues with my air conditioner back at home. “Would you mind dropping by tomorrow to have a look at it?” He quickly confirmed in the affirmative and it was marked down as an appointment in a little notebook that he pulled out of his shirt pocket.

He seemed dedicated to his job so I decided to ask him more about it. His face brightened up even more and he even sat up before pouring his heart about it. Truth be told, I’ve never seen anyone more passionate about their job like Ken is. It is through him that I first came to learn about Air Source America, one the best air conditioning companies in Florida. It offers maintenance, repair and installation of commercial and residential air conditioning and heating systems regardless of the make and model.

Though obvious about his stand on his job, I asked him whether he enjoyed it. “Of course,” He answered so fast that it put my doubts to bed. “I mean, we serve our clients around the clock and all year round, but I still like it.” Explains why he was working on that particular day it being a public holiday. He was on his way to offer his condolences on behalf of himself and the company to the deceased family.

You know that someone loves their job when he goes on and on about it. Further into the conversation, I also learnt that all the technicians at ACS Home Repair are fully trained, well equipped, licenced and insured to improve their efficacy on the field.

“It seems like this indeed is a great company. How do you see to it that your customers are satisfied and remain satisfied long term?” He moved to the center of the back seat before explaining. ” For starters, we do not charge overtime no matter how long the project takes.” He also explained that when one books an appointment with them, the technicians arrive on time and never waste your time. To avoid surprise charges, ACS Home Services does upfront pricing. I was sold!

I could tell that still had a lot to say but we had arrived at his destination. He gave me his card, confirmed our schedule for my AC then said our goodbyes. The most fulfilling part of the encounter was that I made someone else’s day better and most importantly, I earned a friend.

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